Linda Hutchins


... I use process to impose structure; then, within the limits of that structure, my moment-to-moment focus directs the outcome....
— Linda Hutchins, interviewed by Nina Zurier, March, 2012 / link to text »

Formally vaporous but thematically substantial ...
— Richard Speer, Willamette Week, December 9, 2011 / link to text »

... graceful rhythm and determined patience ...
— Eva Lake, Visual Art Source, June 10, 2011 / link to text »

... disarming content and haunting formal beauty.... / full text
— Sue Taylor, Fiberarts, April-May, 2010

... I want to honor imperfection, to savor its poignancy and its beauty.... / full text
— Linda Hutchins, interviewed by Marci Rae McDade, February, 2010

... Hutchins pulls line across mural surfaces with the grace of flowing water....
— Alison De Lima Greene, 9th Northwest Biennial exhibition catalogue (Tacoma Art Museum, 2009)

... [Hutchins'] works have a fluidity that belies their precision and are an act of true virtuosity....
— Rock Hushka, 9th Northwest Biennial exhibition catalogue (Tacoma Art Museum, 2009)

... Pushing questions about tedium, meditative processes and banality to the forefront, Hutchins challenges the viewer ... / full text
— Namita Wiggers, Unpacking the Collection: Selections from the Museum of Contemporary Craft (2008)

... Hutchins ... explores the way that chance upsets the predictability of pattern — and by association the unpredictability of life....
— Chloe Colchester, Textiles Today: A Global Survey of Trends and Traditions (Thames & Hudson, 2007)

... the process of fabrication is inextricable from the final result ...
— Paula Owen, ArtL!ES, Spring, 2006 / link to text »

... Hutchins ... addresses the disrupted and partial messages that language can convey ...
— Jessica Hemmings, Embroidery, January/February, 2005

... a subtle Japanese formalism and a search for poetic meaning through the use of text.... / full text
— Pamela Scheinman, American Craft, August/September, 2004

... Artifacts of a private, obsessive performance ... Linda Hutchins' typewriter drawings act as windows on infinite reverberations.... / full text
Pat Boas, Linda Hutchins: Reiterations exhibition catalogue (Marylhurst University, 2004)

... Hutchins investigates structure and objects as carriers of meaning....
— Matthew Koumis, ed., Art Textiles of the World: USA (Telos Art Publishing, 2000)