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Whose voice? Will Holder at YU

Before this week, I knew nothing about Will Holder. I'd read YU's blurb and still didn't know much. So I went to tonight's performance at YU. In front of a youthful, beer-drinking audience (I was the oldest by an easy margin, and yes, I drank a beer), Holder spoke confessionally, pacing back and forth, gathering and rearranging his microphone cord, pausing (for prompts from the earbud in his right ear?), and speaking again. I tried to imagine that his words were not his own, were in fact written by someone else (Simon Amstell, about whom I also knew nothing). It was hard to imagine, and I gave up trying. Holder made it seem as if he was telling stories from his own life. That's what actors do. It's not what we think of publishers doing. (more…)

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Etching + sound

Lance Olsen describes using the copper plates from his dry point engravings to produce sounds for his audio work for drouin/olsen.

I get the idea he's done using the plates for printing, and is now using them solely to produce sounds. But doesn't it seem like an ideal medium for making sound and image simultaneously? It combines the intimate scale of work on paper with the potential to create significant sound–without needing to resort to a contact mic. Since the image isn't fully realized until it's printed, it would pair nicely with recording the sounds for later playback rather than performing live.

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Ellsworth Kelly meets Ellen Lesperance

seating chart

When I found this seating chart among a page of Google image search results ("ellsworth kelly metropolitan plants"), I mistook it at first for the work of Ellen Lesperance! Can you believe the similarity between the auditorium layout and her schematic sweater patterns?

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AM Turing: Automatic Elegy - installation, performance, and ritual

An amazing sounding evening in Seattle, Friday, June 22!

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Craig Hickman Brown Bag Lunch

I just put Craig Hickman's brown bag lunch on the calendar. He's talking at the Portland Art Museum this Wednesday, June 20, at noon. I met Craig in the 1980's, when I was part of a student crew that mounted an exhibition of his work at PNCA's Wentz Gallery. I encountered him again in 2010 while he was in residence at the South Waterfront. I'm really looking forward to a third dose of his incisive and insightful perspective. Check out his website for an idea of the range of his work in photography and computing.

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