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INFLUENCE in process

Hand2Mouth presents INFLUENCE in process, the first in a series of conversations with artists and other extraordinary experts. Presented quarterly-ish, the series will address frequently (and infrequently) asked questions in the field of performance.

INFLUENCE in process invites four artists from four different disciplines to reflect on the artists, traditions, and other forces that have most powerfully shaped them as artists.

PETER Ksander | Design
MIZU Desierto | Choreography
MICHELLE Fujii | Taiko
LINDA Hutchins | Drawing / Performance

The evening will be moderated by Hand2Mouth Company member Julie Hammond.

INFLUENCE in process
November 10, Monday 7-9 pm
SHOUT HOUSE 210 SE Madison St. Ste 11
FREE (donations accepted) at the door
BEER / WINE available for purchase
More info: mail@hand2mouththeatre.org or 503-235-5284

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