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Going into TBA

You never know going in what the highlight(s) of the TBA Festival will be. I'll have a different take in two weeks but here's what I'm most looking forward to right now (with page # in TBA Guide):

Ant Hampton & Tim Etchells (007) (for an audience of 2 every 20 min at Mult Co Central Lib)
Miguel Gutierrez (009)
Sam Green & Yo La Tengo (025)
Faustin Linyekula (027)
Claudia Meza (033)
Voices and Echoes (035) (earplugs at the ready)
Laurie Anderson (037)

All of it!

Miniature Dramas (069)
Thu Tran (079)

I forgot to mention picaresourceroom.org in my HIDDEN DETAILS OF TBA post yesterday. Somehow this amazing compendium of information escaped my awareness until this year. After I made the picks above, I went there for more background, prepared to make changes. But I stopped before I even started. I didn't want to spoil the slow unfolding of awareness that I love about experiencing work live in real time. I didn't want to risk lessening my enthusiasm for any of my picks because of an on-screen clip the size of my palm. But if you are someone who needs to know before you go, or if you can't make it to everything and need help making choices, picaresourceroom.org is the place for you.

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