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Hidden details of TBA

Alex Cecchetti's visual artist exhibition involves a half-hour performance each night of the festival: 5:30 pm most nights, 10:30 pm Sept 6 and 15, and 2:30 pm Sept. 16.

Go online for info about visual art offerings in general, as that section of the TBA guide is limited:
Alex Cecchetti
Van Brummelen & De Haan
Isabelle Cornaro
Claudia Meza
Morgan Ritter
Erika Vogt

THE WORKS at Washington High School offers a variety of creative food starting 7:30 most nights, including Blind Tasting Bingo Sept. 11, 12, and 14 (limited seating, tickets $25).

— Linda Hutchins, September 2, 2012 / Anticipate, TBA:12 / previous / next


  1. Thanks, for this just back from 2 mths away and overwhelmed with TBA catalog.

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