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The Word Hand - Related events and thanks!

Visual artist Pat Boas (left), dancer Linda Austin (right), and I have been collaborating to explore what happens when drawing is placed in a visibly time-based context and ritualized as record and residue of movement. In our developing a series of performative wall drawings The Word Hand, we harness language as a generative force for drawing. Its many manifestations — the movement and choreography of writing, the sound and cadence of speaking, the shapes of letterforms — provide multiple points of intersection between movement, sound, and visual elements.

The Word Hand will be performed/exhibited at Performance Works NorthWest October 23-26, 2014, as part of their Alembic Co-Production Series. An opportunity to support PWNW's Alembic Artist Programs is coming up on Saturday, February 15, when PWNW presents Distilled, A Fundraiser.

We're honored to be invited to present glimpses of our collaboration later this summer for Project Cityscope's The New Structure. We're looking forward to their inaugural event with Coleman Stevenson & Nora Wendl on February 24, and future programs throughout the year.

The photo above is from the studio at Caldera near Sisters, Oregon, where we worked in residence for ten days in December. While there, we learned we've received a project grant from Oregon's Regional Arts and Culture Council to support the project. Thank you, PWNW, Project Cityscope, Caldera, and RACC!

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