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The studio receives some gorgeous press in Dwell Magazine this month in an eight-page feature article on the Bowstring Truss House. The drawing suite Torrent appears in a two-page photo of the living area (above and detail below), and a view of the studio follows on the next spread. Thank you to Brian Libby for his generous text and to Matthew Williams for his stunning photographs, and deepest gratitude to all who helped to make this dream come true: Works Partnership Architecture, Don Tankersley Construction, Christi Carter & Associates Interior Design, and Samuel H. Williamson Associates Landscape Architecture.

... much of my aesthetic as an artist has to do with editing things out, paring things, until some kind of essence is revealed. That also applies to the way the design of the house evolved.

—Linda Hutchins, quoted by Brian Libby in "Living in Concert," Dwell Magazine, June, 2015

— Linda Hutchins, June 1, 2015 / Elucidate / previous / next

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