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Echo Chamber Final Drawing Session

In the final percussion/drawing session for Echo Chamber, Mary Law and I strike the walls with silver thimbles on all our fingers, following the rhythms of Steve Reich's Clapping Music (1972). With each stroke, a little silver wears off and leaves a mark on the wall, a visual trace of our engagement with the music and each other.

Linda Hutchins: Echo Chamber
littlebigspace, 1341 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Albany, California
April 6 - May 4, 2013
Opening reception Saturday, April 6, 3-6 pm
Open Saturdays 11 to 3 and by appointment
contact: littlebigspace@gmail.com

Earlier this week, I demonstrated the rhythm and drawing to Richard Lodwig of littlebigspace:

— Linda Hutchins, April 5, 2013 / Elucidate / previous / next


  1. Ann says:

    Superb! I love it. Congratulations.

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