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Drawn with all ten fingers while speaking to an audience

One of the through-lines in my work is focus. I create in ways that challenge me to focus intently, and that make my focus visible in the finished work. I want to capture the tug of war between focus and distraction, to make my mental state—my consciousness—apparent. When the results become too regular or easy, I look for ways to up the ante. This is part of what leads me to draw with both hands, and it's part of what drives me to draw in performance. Performance requires focus in the face of the ultimate distraction: the audience. If intense focus alone in my studio is too easy, how about in front of an audience? I want it to be difficult; otherwise, it's not focus.

Thanks to Brian Libby, whose Facebook link to an article about anxiety and mental preparation in competitive sports (!) got me thinking about this.

— Linda Hutchins, January 15, 2013 / Reflect / previous / next

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