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Pat Boas Logo in Transformation Chase

2014.Logo.Blue.PatBoas 2014.Logo.White.PatBoas

Pat Boas Logo series

Today is the final day of the show Transformation Chase at PCC Sylvania's Northview Gallery, and there will be a 2 pm gallery talk with the artists (Pat Boas, Brendan Clenaghan, Michelle Ross, and David Schell). I wish I could go. I would love to hear Pat Boas's thoughts about the materiality that is so present in her new handmade paper pieces. The highly organic deckle and the surface texture complicate the formal relationship of positive and negative space, and the physicality of the layers plays subtle visual tricks on me. The folds clearly indicate which layer of paper is on top but the cut shapes suggest a reversal and give the opposite illusion. In the white-on-white one, physicality becomes the whole story and I am drawn into the mystery of what might be taking place in that space out of sight between the layers. Oh, and I would go again just for another look at Michelle Ross's show-stopper, Om Chain. Daniel Peabody has a snapshot of it on Instagram.


— Linda Hutchins, February 14, 2015 / Reflect / previous / next

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